10 Great Waldorf Craft tutorials

Do you need some waldorf craft ideas to fill up your summer?   This post is a list of 10 tutorials to make various great waldorf inspired crafts and projects!  I have specifically chosen tutorials that are not videos.  Sometimes I really prefer to do tutorials slowly without pausing a video every three seconds.  Hope you enjoy!


1: First on the list is a tutorial from Webloomhere. It clearly details each step with photos and the end result is a delightful puppet that you and your family can totally personalize!  Check it out below…

Making Waldorf inspired Glove Puppets




2: Next up at number two is a sweet little tutorial from rhythmofthehome on making mermaid tails for your dolls.  My own daughter has a total fascination with mermaids and this is the perfect craft to turn any doll into a mermaid.  This is a 10 minute craft with step by step instructions.

Making Mermaid tails for your dolls.




3: Third on the list is a great waldorf craft for any age!  Make a simple handmade kite.  Requires few materials and is yet another great step by step tutorial from “Rhythm of the home”


Make a simple handmade kite




4: Number Four is one of my favorites (because it seems easy and instantly gratifying!  Make a Beeswax Lantern.  From herewearetogether.com.  It requires nothing more than beeswax and a balloon plus stuff you can find in your garden.

Make a Beeswax Lantern




5: Maybe you need another lantern to go with the Beeswax one?  No problem!  Number Five on my list is another from Here we are together on making a twig lantern.  Such a simple, beautiful craft that you can do with mostly household items!

Make a Twig Lantern





6: Number Six comes from an amazing site with tons of crafts duofiberworks.  This tutorial tells how to make a felt ball and is one that moms and young kids, or older kids can do with a few pieces of felt and some wool.

How to make a rainbow ball





7: Number Seven is one on making a waldorf doll.  I have this craft in a book, but it never looked as fun as it does in this blog!  Thank the folk at www.livingcrafts.com for this one.

A doll for every child: Making a Waldorf doll





8: Number Eight is such an amazing idea.  Making furniture out of a stump of wood.  The folk at asmalltribe got a free stump from a scrap lumber place, removed the bark with a plain old $5 chisel, sanded the stump and ended up with an amazing piece of furniture for the kids to make of it what they will!

Making small furniture out of a tree stump





9: Number Nine is perfect for you child’s first felting project.  It is designed as a started felting project and you get a sweet felt heart in the bargain!  Big thanks to TheMagicOnions which is a wonderful blog.

Beginning Needle Felting for children






10: Lastly at Number 10, once again from Here we are together is a great tutorial for all ages!  Making modeling clay out of corn starch, and then creating little fairy things!  Inexpensive and fun!

Make your own modeling clay and using it to make fairy doors, toadstools etc…





Hope these give you some great ideas!  Don’t forget to comment and post a picture if you do something 🙂


Incidentally, if you need to find a waldorf craft supply store, there are many to choose from such as http://www.waldorfsupplies.com and many others!  If you find any other great suppliers please share!




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