10 Great Waldorf Kids Crafts for Easter


Waldorf Inspired Kids Crafts for Easter


Easter is a month away, but everywhere we look little tutorials about dying eggs and felting bunnies seem to be popping up!  We have compiled a list of Waldorf Inspired Easter and Spring Kids Crafts and Adult / Kid combo crafts to get the bunny out of your system!  Enjoy!




1: Dying Easter Eggs using natural plant based dyes!

There are actually so many tutorials on this subject, so we are giving you links to a few different ones.

a) The Kitchn “Vibrant Eggs Dyed Naturally”

b) Lusa Organics “Natural Egg Dyes”

c) Martha Stewart: Dying Eggs Naturally”

These are all worth the read, because each tutorial has something to offer.  Find the recipes that work best for you (although no matter which you choose, you’ll need red cabbage).



2: Sewing Felt Easter Egg Pouches!

So cute,, and so Waldorf!  These adorable little felt eggs make a pouch to hold candy, treats, little toys or whatever the Easter Bunny brings!  Thank you again Lusa Organics for a great idea!

Check out the Tutorial



3: Making Beeswax Egg Candles!

No City School crafting top ten list seems to make it out of our blog without a beeswax project of some kind!  This craft is great if you have some spare beeswax and an egg  (we buy beeswax at our local farmers market for about $8-10 a pound).  Thank you to the folk at Morningsunrae for this great tutorial!

Check out the Tutorial




4: Mama Rabbit and Bunnies Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to make a “Mama Bunny” and little baby bunnies in walnut shell cradles!  Too cute…  Thank you to Rhythm of the Home once again for making a great kids craft!

Check out the Tutorial



5: Plant Dyed Easter Eggs made out of Wool

This is a great and simple way to be introduced to needle felting!  Using different colors of naturally plant dyed wool, you can fashion beautiful eggs for easter!  Thanks to the folk at Living in the Woods and making stuff for this sweet idea!

Check out the Tutorial



6: How to make an Easter Egg Chick

Here is a lovely idea!  We need some baby chicks to go with the eggs, and Myrtle and Eunice have provided a wonderful PDF with a pattern and detailed instructions.  This link takes you to a blog with pics, scroll down and you will see a link to download the PDF.

Check out the Post



7: Make your own Easter Bunny

If you still have left over felt after the eggs and the chick, then you will love this pattern from Feeling Stitchy.  Make your own cute easter bunny using felt, wool or cotton and the pattern included!

Check out the Post





8: Knitted Easter Egg Tutorial

This tutorial includes a pattern for the egg.  Imagine 4 or 5 of these beautiful knitted eggs in a felted basket.  Thank you to the blog Natural Suburbia for sharing this pattern and idea!

Check out the tutorial


9: Wet Felted Easter Egg and Baby Chick Tutorial

This tutorial is so great for kids!  Using an old toy egg as a base, this mom and her kids wet felted a brand new egg and put an adorable felt chick inside.  Thank you to Rosy Posy for this idea!

Check out the tutorial




10: Make Pretty Spring Nest

Thank you Magic Onions for making this adorable kids craft.  Make a beautiful nest with wet felted eggs and hang it in your home.  This craft is perfect for nature tables and Easter decorations.

Check out the tutorial





So far that is our list!  If we find anything else wonderful we will do a bonus to the list, so please send us any wonderful links to your tutorials.

Happy Easter / Spring!


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