10 Great Waldorf style Fall Kids crafts

Autumn Waldorf style Crafts for Kids


Fall is finally here (despite the 109 degree weather yesterday here in Los Angeles) and we are all gearing up for some Autumn crafting!  In this post I am sharing some great Waldorf inspired autumn kids crafts that we have come across.  We tried to include crafts for all ages, so dig in, grab some leaves and acorns and get crafting!  Hopefully there will be something inspiring for everyone!



1: Beeswax acorns:

This super easy tutorial from Foothill-companions makes a beautiful fall decoration using acorns, beeswax and play-dough!


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2: Preserving leaves and a leaf lantern

This tutorial is great because part of it is about preserving leaves, which makes it a great first step in many other possible crafts!  From the blog 5 orange potatoes this is one of many wonderful crafts you can do with kids of all ages!  It requires leaves, wax, mod podge and a glass jar.


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3: Make a Fall banner using apples and burlap

Using acrylic paint, burlap and an apple you can have a charming and festive fall banner to hang proudly in your home!  This one is from the crafty bloggers at multiples and more.

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4: Make fairies, elves and gnomes out of pine cones, pine needles, acorns and leaves


This craft from the folk at familyfungo starts out by saying “Fairies, elves, and other magical creatures are everywhere you look, if you have the eye.”  Using natural fall items (goggly eyes are optional) use this tutorial to fill your home with magical fall creatures!

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5: Make a Gourd Garland

This one is from BHG.com.  It is a great idea, but unfortunatly, not a lot of details in the post.  Still, overall it is a nice craft and does not look too hard to figure out with the information given!  Good luck.

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6: Make a corn husk doll

This craft comes from the Michelles Journal Corner blog and is a craft that will make you feel like you stepped out of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book.  Using nothing but a corn husk and a piece of string, you can create this wonderful doll / fall decoration!


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7: Make a fairy home out of clay 

This tutorial is amazing!  It also requires access to a kiln and a lot of clay, but if you have either of these, it looks like a wonderful project!  This one is from the folk at Rhythm of the home.

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8: Autumn Watercolor Crafts

This tutorial (another one from Rhythm of the home) is 3 tutorials in one!  It details three different projects you can do with watercolors and watercolor paper as the foundation of the craft.  These projects would be great for kids of all ages.

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9: Making Felted Autumn Leaves

This is a great beginners sewing project from Wabi-Sabi Wanderings.  This tutorial makes simple but beautiful leaves out of felt and thread.

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10: Gnomes in a sleeping bag

This is actually two tutorials in one.  One to make the gnomes, one to make the sleeping bag!  Great stuff from the blog Wee folk Art

View the Gnome tutorial
View the sleeping bag tutorial



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