10 Waldorf Inspired Kids Valentine Crafts!

10 Waldorf Valentine Kids Crafts

Are you recovered from Christmas Crafts yet?  Good!  Get out any unused red and white felt and get ready to start cutting out little hearts and such, because Valentines Day is only a few weeks away!  We have been compiling a list of great V-Day crafts and here are 10 that we would like to share!




1: Candy Hearts: These little hearts are made of felt, and have a little pocket in them to put love notes, candy, Dear John Letters…. (maybe not), but a child can easily make them and imagine what a great valentine they make!

Big thanks to the Purl Bee for posting this tutorial.  Read it here!




2: Celery Stamped Valentine Cards:  EASIEST KIDS CRAFT EVER… If your kid can hold a piece of celery, they can help with this craft!

Make these adorable valentine flowers with celery, paint and paper.  Thank you to the folk at “Homemade Serenity”

Read the tutorial 



3: Felt Hearts and Buttons Wall Hanging: Take a few pieces of felt, some old buttons, and a ribbon and make this charming wall hanging!  Older kids can do themselves, or a combined kid/parent craft!  Thank you Fitzbirch Crafts!

Read the tutorial


4: Scandinavian Heart Baskets: This is actually a Christmas tradition in many Scandinavian countries, and… since it is a heart, we are including it in this valentine craft blog!   Thank you RadMegan for this great tutorial!       Read it here


5: Valentine Pinecone Gnome: This tutorial is about as Waldorf inspired as you can possibly get!  A Gnome, made of a pinecone, with a felt wool stuffed heart!  This wonderful tutorial from Garden Mama is in two parts: making the felt heart, and making the gnome out of the pinecone.

Read it here


6: Wax Painted Hearts: This craft from Here we are together is a great craft to do with your kids.  It involves a lit candle, but with supervision, it is a great craft for kindergarten or 1st grade.

Read the tutorial


7: Heart Pebbles: Another Here we are together brainwave that has us delighted!  Painting hearts on pebbles is almost too simple to believe, but what a great Valentines craft for kids it does make!

Read the tutorial


8: Beeswax Candles in a Walnut shell with Heart messages: This one is a labor of love.  It is a detailed tutorial with many steps, but the end result is adorable, and will truly delight everybody!   Thank you Sona-Ma.com!

Read the tutorial.


9: Beanbag Heart Tic Tac Toe Board: This tutorial shows you how to make beanbag felt hearts and a heart shaped Tic Tac Toe board!  It is a very original idea from the alphamom.com!

Read the Tutorial



10: Beeswax Hearts: No top ten list seems complete without a tutorial from The Magic Onion!  Here is a wonderful and Waldorf-y way to end our list with a hanging beeswax heart!   This tutorial can work in any season as the basic technique can be applied to different molds for different holidays!

Read the Tutorial



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