Adventures in Plant Dyeing Part 2

We have added two more colors to our natural rainbow at Valley Waldorf!

Indigo and Osage Orange!

Osage Orange bark can be boiled and the resulting dye bath will dye yarn different shades of yellow.  One skein came out so golden it was almost light orange.  The next came out almost lemon yellow.  We did nothing different, so I wonder if it was just natural variations in the wood.

Following the success with the Osage we took on the Indigo dye vat.  Something we have been anticipating all year, and slightly afraid to tackle.  An indigo vat requires several steps.  We made a fruit vat by using indigo, lyme and fruit sugar.  Click here to read the instructions

We dipped scoured white yarn into the indigo vat and got the blue in the photo below.  We then took one of the osage dipped skeins and dipped it as well.  We are exhausting the vat a little bit today with some more dying and then we will do another lighter blue skein.  Possibly a lighter green skein as well.

To see what colors we have already completed check out our other post on plant dyeing!

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