Adventures in Waldorf Toy Making

Originally, I had planned to call this post “How to make Waldorf style blocks” or something to that effect.  You know the cute little blocks I am talking about…

However, after the 15 minutes I just had, I have changed the title to “Adventures in Waldorf Toy Making”.

If you are reading this to learn how to make Waldorf style blocks out of a log or a stick, I apologize, this post will probably not help you very much.

1: I started off with a few logs from my wood pile.  I grabbed a log about 4 inches in diameter.

Waldorf Toy making branch


2: Using my Chop Saw and a great deal of careful trepidation I chopped a 1.5 inch bit off of the end.

3: Success!!!  Visions of my kids happily playing with these blocks are already dancing before my eyes.



waldorf block making


4: Time for block number 2…. DOH!

Waldorf Block making not going so well

5: As you can see, the branch is stuck to the chop saw.  I do not know why this happened.  I was sawing the branch, and then a loud noise and a big tremor came from my saw.  I quickly let go of the trigger and jumped far away from the whole thing!

back story that you can skip: I owe all of my extremely meager woodworking skill to My father, an accomplished carpenter.  Sadly, a couple of years ago, while using the table saw, he cut off the tip of a finger.  Ever since then I have been a bit jumpy about sawing things.

6: What I did next…. I was scared to keep sawing.  Who knows what stopped the blade (although I suspect a knot in the wood).  I could not even find my hand held wood saw, so I grabbed a hack saw and began to saw.

hacksaw on waldorf wood branch

7: In the middle of this the sawdust gave me an asthma attack.  So I went inside and googled “How to safely cut a branch with a chop saw”.

I will try again in Part II of Adventures in Waldorf Toy Making!!!

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