Almut Schroeder

Cello / German


Almut was born in Frankfurt am Main into a Musical and Waldorf oriented family. She experienced Waldorf schooling and her musical environment up close and personal.   She earned her first teaching degree in the Education Department of the Waldorf School in Kassel- which is the German State Licensed School for Pedagogy.   During this time she worked at several Waldorf schools.   After graduation, she taught in the State Kindergarten of Kassel. Over the years she has been inspired to pursue two more certifications: a degree as State Examined Music Teacher, and a certification as a Cello Teacher. While involved as a cellist in Kasseler Chamber music, Almut worked for 5 years at her Alma Mater, the Music Academy of Kassel.

She has been a valued teacher at The City School for several years.  She currently teaches Cello and German.  She has also spent a year as the Kindergarten teacher.  She has two daughters, both Waldorf Graduates.


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