TA- Tuition Adjustment

The City School is committed to broadening the accessibly of our Education through affordable tuition with our TA (Tuition Adjustment) policy.

Our tuition is reviewed annually by our Board and increased at a rate which matches any increases in supplies, utilities, salaries and other necessary school expenditures or developments.

Tuition Adjustment

The steps toward participating in this program are as follows:

  1. The family must be fully enrolled in the school prior to applying for TA (all enrolment forms complete enrollment deposit and any other applicable application fees paid.)
  2. The family completes the tuition adjustment application and submits this along with a copy of their most recent federal tax return (or application for extension) and the three most recent pay stubs for each contributing family member. Those unable to submit these materials may inquire as to alternate financial data that will be accepted under special circumstances.
  3. A conversation between the family and two members of the Tuition Adjustment Committee takes place. In this two-hour meeting, the social philosophy and financial status of the school is fully explained and the finances of the family are reviewed. In most cases, an agreement in reached as to the amount the family can contribute on a twelve-month basis to the school’s finances. This agreement is kept confidential between the parties involved.
  4. If, at any time, the family’s financial situation changes, the family is to request another conversation.
  5. A new conversation takes place for each school year.


For more information on this integral part of our school, please contact our office directly at (818) 776-0011

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