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Grade 1 Field Trip

Posted on 22 Oct 2014
This week the first graders took a field trip to Tapia Brothers Farm!  They got a chance to go through the corn maze, take a hay ride and pick out their very own little pumpkin.  Thank you Tapia Brothers!

Chemistry in Grade 7

Posted on 10 Oct 2014
Mr. Ridenour, our Seventh grade teacher has been in the middle of an explosive Chemistry block this October.  While the weather is nice, the class spends a good part of Main Lesson outside conducting scientific observation! Yesterday they burned sugar to see what the result would be.

Halloween Crafts inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy

Posted on 08 Oct 2014
  1: Colorful Corn Necklace – Using Multicolored corn, make a beautiful fall inspired Necklace!  Thank you Magic Onions for another great tutorial! View Tutorial Here     2: Halloween Windows: Using Black posterboard, create a shadowbox style Halloween Scene! Than

Creating the Rainbow Bridge Ceremony

Posted on 07 Jul 2014
 The City School Rainbow Bridge Ceremony The Rainbow Bridge is a ceremony inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy that the graduating Kindergartners participate in to mark their completion of Kindergarten and their arrival into Grade This year, The City School Kindergarten class gave this ceremo

10 Summer Craft Tutorials inspired by Waldorf

Posted on 11 Jun 2014
Summer is practically here!  This is the perfect time to do some Waldorf inspired crafts inspired by sun, fun, water and color!  1: Making Play-dough.  There are many recipes for making playdough, but this is the one used by our Preschool  teacher.  In PreK, the kids make playdough ev

Third Grade Viola Class

Posted on 06 May 2014
THIRD GRADE VIOLA CLASS by Suzanne Inwood Viola / Violin teacher 3rd grade viola class has been exploring the instrument and developing bowing and fingering technique through mimicking the sounds or movements of various insects and animals such as bumble bees, flies, mosquitoes, grass

Grade 6 Archery

Posted on 18 Mar 2014
Archery Practice Mr. Lewis has been taking the 6th graders to an Archery practice ground each week in preparation for the Medieval Games April 2nd which will be hosted this year at Pasadena Waldorf School. 6th grades from all the SoCal Waldorf schools will be coming together to partic

St.Valentine’s Day Benefit Tea and Concert

Posted on 05 Feb 2014
Don’t miss the annual Valentines Day Music Recital!  Faculty, Parents and Students join together to provide an afternoon of musical entertainment, bake sale goodies and more! Thursday February 13th at 3:00PM in the auditorium is this year’s benifit.  Open to the public! Th

Santa Lucia Day

Posted on 30 Jan 2014
At The City School our second graders celebrate Santa Lucia Day in the traditional way!  The day before Santa Lucia Day you will find them hard at work mixing the bread dough and getting ready to bake.  On Santa Lucia Day they take their delicious bread to all of the students in the s

Winter Traditions

Posted on 23 Jan 2014
The Winter nature table features crystals and stones. On February 2nd we reach the midway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equanox.  This occasion is marked by the ancient holiday of Candlemas and is celebrated by some schools inspired by Waldorf pedagogy.  Candlemas i

St. Nicholas Day Traditions!

Posted on 05 Dec 2013
Saint Nicholas Day Schools inspired by Waldorf pedagogy celebrate the holiday of Saint Nicholas day! Saint Nicholas is an archetypal figure of wisdon, and a forerunner of Santa Claus, whose name is obviously an adaptation of St. Nicholas.  Santa is a more of an earth-bound figure who

Simple Christmas

Posted on 03 Dec 2013
With Christmas coming, it is a good time to reflect on how you choose to celebrate the holiday with your children. Sometimes how you want to celebrate, and how you end up celebrating are two different things.  It is very easy to start out the season with the intention of simplicity, r

Happy Thanksgiving from The City School!

Posted on 27 Nov 2013
  Happy Thanksgiving!  Enjoy this fall nature table from Ms. Kayti’s Kindy!

Martinmas 2013

Posted on 21 Nov 2013
Martinmas Lantern Walk Last week our school celebrated Martinmas, a holiday which occurs when the days begin to grow dark very early.   Schools inspired by Waldorf pedagogy use Martinmas to celebrate the idea that though the days grow dark, we carry our inner light.  In the second gra