Community Work Hours (volunteer-ism)

The City School is a non-profit 501(c)3 public benefit corporation. Operational costs are covered by Community Work Hours (volunteer-ism), parent tuition payments, fundraising efforts, grants and gifts. We understand and value the currency of parent’s time and efforts as much as tuition.

The social responsibility of each family is necessary and required through a minimum of 40 Community Work Hours (per year) in the school. These Work Hours can be done through various opportunities to serve such as Campus Ecology (gardening, cleaning, maintenance), event planning, chaperoning school trips, outreach events, and of course during our all-hands-on-deck events like our annual Winter and May Fairs.

It is a wonderful chance for parents to connect with the school, take on projects that are important to them, build community with other parents and students.  It is a chance to assist the school with your particular talents, whether they lie in gardening, construction, crafting, marketing, technology etc….

Come discover what makes our community special.

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