Eco Printing Fun!

This year for the Winter Faire, each class is making some projects to sell at our Bazaar!   The third grade has chosen Eco Printing as its craft and today the children made some pocket squares.

Eco Printing is when you use a leaf or flower to make a pattern on a piece of cloth.  If you use wool or silk, no special treatment is needed.  Many leaves leave imprints.  If you use cotton it becomes more complicated.  Each child gets two squares of cotton which we pre-mordanted with Aluminum Acetate.  When you eco print on cotton a mordant is necessary or else, nothing will happen.  We spent a week foraging for Eucalyptus leaves and then were ready to go.

The kids laid out the leaves onto the cotton and rolled them up on a smooth stick and tied it tightly with twine.  We boiled it on high for 2 hours and the finished product was quite exciting as many Eucalyptus print red!


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