One very easy way to help the school with fundraising is to simply use the search engine goodsearch.  This search engine is powered by Yahoo, but has the benefit of making money for the charity/non-profit of your choice.

Once you are a member of Goodsearch you can also access most online retailers including Amazon by clicking the “Shop now” button.  A percentage of all of your purchases will be donated to the school.

Here is how to use it…

1: Go to

2: Our organization is set under the name Valley Waldorf City School.  Use this name to look up our school as demonstrated in the picture below.












3: You will be asked to register either using a form, or a social network.  Fill out the information on the form (or use your social network) and press the register now button.

4: You will be sent an email confirmation.  Check your email and make sure you open the email from Goodsearch.  Click on the link in your email to confirm.

5: Go back to and you should see this on the right of the screen









6: Use the search engine just like you would use Yahoo or Google.    You may or may not have to login every time you close your browser.

Thank you all so much!

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