Grade Eight

Grade 8 

In Grade Eight, the children complete their picture of life, humanity and their place in it. History moves into the Industrial Revolution and the present day. World Economic Geography illustrates the impact of each culture on today’s world. Mathematics focuses on the practical applications of various forms and methods. In each, the student is inspired by their own interests, abilities and contributions – creating a self-assured and whole student, ready to take on the challenges of the ninth grade and beyond.




Grade Eight Curriculum in Outline

  • World History (1700-present)
  • American History
  • Shakespeare
  • Napoleon / Industrial Revolution
  • Stories from many cultures
  • Solid geometry
  • Chemistry / physics / physiology
  • Geography of Asia, Australia and Antartica
  • Black and white drawing with charcoal / sewing a piece of clothing / making a stool, carved box or moveable toy from wood / sculpting the human head in clay
  • Greek wrestling / gymnastics with equipment