Grade Five

Chalkboard Waldorf Hyroglyphs Grade 5
5th Graders performing an Ancient Egyptian Play as part of their block on Ancient Egypt.
5th Graders joining with Waldorf schools across SoCal in a recreation of the ancient Greek Olympic Grades called the Pentathalon.
Each Student in the Pentathalon is placed on a team representing an ancient Greek city, ie Athens, Sparta etc...
As part of the block on Ancient Egypt, Students study Hieroglyphics.



Grade Five Curriculum in Outline

  • Ancient History – India, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Greece
  • Greek mythology / life of Buddha, Zoroaster, Alexander the Great, and others
  • Parts of speech, syntax, descriptive writing
  • Math: decimals / fractions / metric system
  • Science: zoology / botany
  • Geography of the United States
  • knitting with four needles / wood carving / modeling Greek vases and columns in clay
  • three-part singing
  • Eurythmy to poetry
  • tumbling and gymnastics / pentathlon