Grade Five

Grade Five 


In Grade Five of our curriculum inspired by Waldorf pedagogy, the focus is on balancing the needs of the individual with those of the world.

The study of Ancient History allows the child to experience their own growth through the development and achievements of cultures. These studies incorporate poetry, craft-making, music and story, allowing the child to take part in the learning with all of their senses and truly enter into the experience of ancient civilization’s striving. The study of Geography allows the student to understand the experiences of life in that region. Participation in the Greek Pentathlon allows the class to bring their individual talents to a larger community. This reflection of the person through their deeds in the world is woven into the entire fifth grade year.






Grade Five Curriculum in Outline

  • Ancient History – India, Persia, Mesopotamia, and Greece
  • Greek mythology / life of Buddha, Zoroaster, Alexander the Great, and others
  • Parts of speech, syntax, descriptive writing
  • Math: decimals / fractions / metric system
  • Science: zoology / botany
  • Geography of the United States
  • knitting with four needles / wood carving / modeling Greek vases and columns in clay
  • three-part singing
  • Eurythmy¬†to poetry
  • tumbling and gymnastics / pentathlon