Grade Four

Grade 4


In Grade Four, the challenge of the third grade has been met and the child can stand with firm resolution and strength in the world.

Themes of separateness and together weave through the curriculum inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy of this year. In Norse Mythology, the archetype of the hero is paramount to this age, as the children realize that one is capable of miraculous deeds and also retains human qualities. Handwork incorporates more elaborate design, independent instrument studies and musical ensembles begin, mathematics introduces fractions, and science focuses on the study of man and animal. The minor key is introduced in music, lending a sense of introspection, and the child’s newly found sense of self provides the basis for a desire to act in the world with others.




Grade Four Curriculum in Outline

  • Local history and geography
  • Norse sagas
  • Composition
  • Book reports
  • Mapmaking
  • Math: averages / times tables
  • Science: zoology – human and animal
  • Freehand geometric drawing
  • cross-stitch / embroidery
  • modeling with clay – animals and geometric forms
  • orchestral instrument such as violin or cello / chorus and orchestra
  • tone Eurythmy¬†/ square- and folk dancing