Grade Seven

Grade 7 

In Grade Seven, it is important to inspire a sense of inquiry and creativity as the children enter puberty. To help cross this important bridge, the curriculum provides a sense of richness and depth in study as well as allowing the  to explore themselves and their reactions to the world.

Our  pedagogy inspired by Waldorf introduces the study of the Renaissance and Reformation, biographies like those of Joan of Arc and Francis Drake embody the desire to cross boundaries, to reach into the unknown and to meet challenges. World Geography focuses on exploration, which is always met with a supportive voice. Mathematics venture into that which is non-physical, namely negative numbers, squares and cube roots. As a sense for autonomy challenges the teacher, it is incorporated into the child holistically through the choices of curriculum, providing a strong basis for the older grade school years.



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Grade Seven Curriculum in Outline

  • World and European History (1400-1700) / Age of Exploration / Reformation / the Renaissance
  • Forms of poetry / research papers
  • Math: Algebra / Business mathematics
  • Science: Meteorology / Astronomy / Chemistry / Physiology / Physics
  • Geography of Africa and Europe
  • Perspective drawing / Platonic solids / sewing puppets and slippers / woodworking with mallets, gouges and chisels / modeling the human hand and foot in clay
  •  Music: motets, madrigals, oratorios