Grade Six

Grade Six

In Grade Six, the child’s physical body begins to change and there is a widening sense of potential and abilities. As such, science studies focus on the physical body of the Earth, through geology and minerology. Concrete experiments in optics, acoustics and physics provide a further understanding of life processes and their experiences in the world. Historical study of the Roman Epoch supports this new knowledge and the child’s physical maturing capacities. Geometrical forms begin in artwork to provide experiences in discipline and precision. In this gateway to adolescence, the child is fully supported and encouraged, yet given an understanding of how to channel their abilities with good will and a desire to better themselves for meaningful contributions to society.



Grade Six Curriculum in Outline

  • History: Ancient Rome / Life of Christ / Life of Muhammad
  • Islam / Medieval Europe and the Crusades
  • Advanced grammar / expository, descriptive and narrative writing
  • Latin sayings and proverbs
  • Math: mathematical equations / percentages / exact geometric drawing
  • Science: Physics / Botany / Geology
  • Geography of Canada, Central and South America
  • Black and white drawing / painting landscapes
  • sewing stuffed animals and work aprons
  • woodworking with saws, rasps and gouges
  • bas-relief modeling
  • two- and three-part choral singing / descant, alto and tenor recorder
  • decathlon / team sports


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