The Medieval Games

Recently, our sixth graders traveled to Highland Hall Waldorf School to meet up with their sixth grade peers from other local Waldorf schools to take part in the annual Medieval Games! This is held each year to celebrate and enhance their study of medieval history. The day began with a presentation from each class on one of the knightly virtues. Our presentation was on nobility. Several medieval figures were present at the Games, including Robin Hood and Maid Marian, along with a trio that sung delightful tunes in three-part harmony.

The students were assigned to different groups – Courage, Fortitude, Strength and Loyalty, and traveled to the various events together throughout the day. Each event was accompanied by an artistic activity. For example archery was paired with Japanese calligraphy, and the caber toss with indigo dyeing. The students also threw javelins and climbed a castle wall. After lunch and some lively offerings- juggling, singing and rod work-from the classes, there were more games and some of these included jumping over and crawling through mud pits! The day ended with a four-way tug of war, followed by a closing ceremony. Some of the students recognized old friends( made at the Pentathlon last year), new friends were made and a good time was had by all. 

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