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Watercolor Kids Craft


My daughter is always after me to staple her art into “books”.  Today I thought she might like to make a very fancy book for her art.  This craft was very easy, and could be done in so many ways, but here is how we did it!

What we used:

  • 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper 15 x 17 inches.  (I had a tablet of this)
  • A tube of Red, Yellow and Blue watercolor paint and a brush
  • Drawing paper
  • Stapler


1: First thing we did was paint the entire piece of watercolor paper.  I wet the paper so we were doing wet on wet painting in the Waldorf style.


2: Once my daughter finished painting the paper I set it in the sun to dry faster.

3: Once it was dry I folded the paper around the 8.5 x 11 drawing paper I was using for the pages of the book so that I knew exactly where to cut the painting to make a nice sized cover.



4: I used a stapler to secure the drawing paper inside the cover (I have seen more talented crafters use a sewing machine to make a binding, but I was not really confident in my ability to do this with out damage to myself and my machine).


That is all there is to it!  Like I said, I am sure there are many ways to do this craft! If you have another way please share!

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