How to make Waldorf style Children’s blocks

Adventures in Waldorf Toy Making Part II

A few weeks ago I tried to make a set of Waldorf building blocks out of some logs in my wood pile.  It was a complete failure, and if you care to, you can read about it here.  Yesterday, I took advantage of my carpenter Dad being in town and together we made a set of really cool blocks!

What we used:

Uncut logs from the wood pile between 2 and 5 inches in diameter

Chop Saw (mine can cut up to 7 inches diameter)

Table Sander

Anyone who has the above equipment can probably figure out how we did this by looking at the picture.  The process is simple…. it is just that there is a potential for things to go wrong when you are cutting knotty logs that are intended for firewood.  Here is the finished product!

waldorf children's blocks make your own


1: We selected logs that were as perfect as possible.  Round, not a lot of bad spots, not too knotty.

2: Place the log in the chop saw and make your cuts as desired.  Most of my blocks ranged from 1 to 2 inches in thickness.



3: After we had a good number of the logs chopped I sanded the bark down until it was not rough.  Often this created beautiful patterns that almost look like lava flow.

Thats pretty much it.  We also tried to cut a really big block out of a 8 inch log, but my hand saw was not really good enough to do it.  We got about 1/4 of the way into the log before leaving it for another day!

Here is the finished (for now) set complete with cute gnomes my daughter won at the Halloween Enchantment festival!

added 12/6/12: 

I just made some beeswax toy polish by melting two ounces of organic beeswax and 1 cup of almond oil together in a double broiler.  They made my blocks look so beautiful!  All sorts of new colors and hues came out after the polish!  This polish is easy to make if you have the ingredients.  I purchased my beeswax from Amazon for about $6.

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