5 Spring Crafts inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy that you already have the stuff for


My kids are on Spring Break this week, and here in the San Fernando Valley, we are still enjoying the cool spring weather!   It seems like the perfect chance to do something to honor the season.  However, I am also kind of worn out, so I looked for crafts that did not take too much planning.  Here is what I found –


Nature Loom– I guarantee you have the stuff for this!  Sticks, flowers and old yarn!  Thank you Child in Harmony!





Story Stones – These are actually great for any time of year, but Spring is a lovely time to pop around looking for smooth stones.  Thank you A Crafty Living!




Gods Eye – We’ve all done these.  This tutorial uses dowels.  You can also use sticks.  Sticks and old yarn snippets!  Easy, thank you Craftaholics!






Dreamcatcher – The Gods Eye made me think of Dream Catchers.  Someone once told my daughter that if you want to stop bad dreams, you need to make your own dreamcatcher.  If you happen to have an embroidery hoop lying around.  Which I do, then you may not even need to leave the house for this one either.   Thank you Fastmade!



Yarn Sticks  – I made these at a birthday party once, and they were a huge hit.  The little kids and big kids alike made them, and turned them into wands and walking sticks.  Once again, sticks and yarn.  I have both right here!  This tutorial concentrates on little sticks, but you can use the same technique on a big stick.  Thank you Dabbledo!


I hope you enjoy these easy crafts.  Sometimes I love to craft with my kids, and sometimes I like to sit back and let them craft on their own.  These tutorials will work for either situation!  Next week we will be back at our School inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy with some sweet spring memories!

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