Celebrating Santa Lucia

Santa Lucia Day

Today The City School second graders celebrated Santa Lucia Day.  Santa Lucia was is a Saint celebrated for bringing food to Christians imprisoned in the Roman catacombs in the 3rd century.  She used a candle lit wreath that she wore on her head to light the way through the dark, enabling her to carry as much food as possible.  At one point in history her holiday was celebrated during the Winter Solstice, the darkest day of the year.  She became a symbol of light.

Second graders in curriculum inspired by Waldorf Pedagogy study the lives of Saints across the world.  It is therefore appropriate for them to get into the full spirit of this holiday!  Our class two spent yesterday making Santa Lucia buns, and today went through the school passing them out to the other classes.  The class slowly paraded through the hallways passing out bread, dressed in white singing Santa Lucia, the eldest girl wearing a wreath of candles.

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